Founded in 1982, the Vancouver Zion Mission Choir consists of approximately 160 male and female members including 30 children who give their best to sing the highest praise to our almighty God.

Through our annual concerts and overseas performances, we carry out the mission of exalting and praising God, and spreading His gospel to the Creator of the world.
Additionally, we spread the light of the Lord Jesus by helping and comforting suffering souls around the world with the proceeds from our performances.

We hope to be used as soldiers of praise who carry out the mission of praise, and prepare the way of the Lord until the day when our Lord, the King of kings, returns.

Peter Chung, President of Vancouver Zion Mission Choir


Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!
God wants to be praised by the creatures on this earth. If those who have life remain silent, the stones will shout and cry out for God. I want everyone who visits this website to live a life that praises and glorifies God.

Since its founding in 1982, the Vancouver Zion Mission Choir has been carrying out missionary work praising God in the Vancouver area and around the world. We are thankful for God’s grace that has continuously expanded our reach every year.

I hope that the Vancouver Zion Mission Choir will be used to spread God’s name throughout the world forever, and I will always pray for all members to be strong both physically and spiritually. Thank you.

Sang Kuk Nam, Senior Pastor of Zion Mission Choir


October 2023

41st Annual Concert

(Raising funds to support the UGM)

September 2022

Participated in the 33rd Far East Broadcasting National Grand Chorus Festival

August 2022

40th Annual Concert

(Raising funds to support the construction of Korea’s first education center for the deaf and blind)

November 2019

37th Annual Concert

(Supported by Pacific Autism Center for Autistic Children)

November 2018

Israel-Jordan tour

(Commemorating the 70th anniversary of Israel’s independence)

October 2018

36th Annual Concert

(Israeli Center for the Disabled and Support for Syrian Refugees)

October 2017

35th Annual Concert

(Surrey Hospital cancer diagnosis and treatment equipment support)

February 2017

Performed with VSO at the Orpheum Theater in Vancouver

September 2016

31st Praise Choir Festival hosted by Far East Broadcasting, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts and Korea Tour

August 2016

34th Annual Concert

(Fund raising for shelter construction for orphans in Tanzania)

September 2015

33rd Annual Concert

(Helping to build a ward for North Korean tuberculosis patients)

August 2015

Ansan City Choir chief conductor Park Shin-hwa/Ewha Womans University professor invited to music seminar held

November 2014

Choir Praise Festival, New York Carnegie Hall performance, UN visit and tour performance

October 2014

32nd Annual Concert

(Support for creating homes for Syrian refugees)

August 2014

Ansan City Choir chief conductor Park Shin-hwa/Ewha Womans University professor invited to music seminar held

February 2014

Pacific Rim Celebration in collaboration with Vancouver’s Orpheum Theater VSO

October 2013

31st Annual Concert

(Sponsored by FirstSteps)

July 2013

2013 Voice Together Vancouver Rogers Arena Indoor Stadium Performance

January 2013

2013 Missions Fest Vancouver Convention Center Performance

December 2012

Performance and tour at the National Assembly Building in Ottawa commemorating the 50th anniversary of Korea-Korea diplomatic relations and the 60th anniversary of the Korean War

July 2012

30th Annual Concert

(Sponsored by the Seoul Far East Broadcasting Children’s Choir Invitation to North Korea Radio)

October 2011

Grand Hymn Praise Festival, Carnegie Hall Performance in New York

October 2011

29th Annual Concert

(African Tanzania Well Construction Fund)

October 2011

Celebrate Pianos 8 Performed at Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Theater

November 2010

Presidential First Lady Blue House Luncheon Invitation and Performance

May 2010

Vancouver Multi-Ethnic Grand Choir Performance

September 2009

27th Annual Concert

(Sponsoring the construction of a Korean nursing home in Vancouver)

November 008

Pastor Jaehoon Park (composer) Invitational Seminar & Mexico Cruise

September 2008

26th Annual Concert

(Invitation to the Seoul Far East Broadcasting Children’s Choir, support for flood victims in Myanmar)

October 2007

Korea Mission Tour Concert hosted by Far East Broadcasting

September 2007

25th Annual Concert

(Paraguay mission fund raising)

April 2004

2nd conductor Seongja Jeong

January 2003

Received the Presidential Medal of Korea

January 1988

1st conductor Kim Shin-ok

September 1986

1st Chant Night

(Langara College)

August 1982

Founding of Zion Choir and first leader Kang Pil-bong

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Offering the best praise with our utmost effort
to our God of most high

ADDRESS: #207 810 Quayside Dr,
New Westminster, BC V3M 6B9